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Open to all Native American’s. Non-natives may be eligible upon review of registration packet.

Registration packets available at Patient Services or online.

Appointments can be made over the phone or in person.

Our Patient Handbook is available at the main reception of each location. We are currently in the process of updating. When the updated is completed the handbook will be available here.

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Our Services

The Oroville Clinic/Wellness Center and Yuba City clinic offer a variety of primary health care services by appointment. The goal of these services is prevention and treatment of illness. Health maintenance activities are also a focus and include: diabetes and hypertension education and treatment; physical examinations; immunizations; and well-child care.

Psychiatrists, licensed mental health therapists, and substances abuse counselors are available by appointment to assist children, adults, and families with important mental health and life issues…

The Dental Department has a well-established team of highly-skilled and professional Dentists lending their knowledge to better serve our patients' needs...

The Medical and Nursing departments work as a collaborative team to deliver patient care. Our Medical staff is comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who deliver primary care and Family Practice services…

Feather River Tribal Health, Inc. (FRTH) provides a comprehensive addiction pre- and post-treatment and recovery program for registered Native and Non-Native patients. We utilize the best practice curriculum created by White Bison, Inc. as a means for addressing substance abuse and alcohol dependency…

Pharmacy services are available to all verified Native American patients at both the Oroville and Yuba City facilities. Patients are required to provide a medication resource/insurance at the time they pick-up their medications. If no resource/insurance is available, the patient may be charge a fill fee + the cost of medication.

Feather River Tribal Health offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary Diabetes & Nutrition Education Program. Our Diabetes Education Program is accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES). Staff consists of Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses and Certified Diabetes Educators…

Our emphasis is on health promotion and disease prevention through community-based activities and in-house services. This is accomplished by Public Health nursing and Community Health Representatives…

Transportation provided on a limited basis to verified Native Americans only. The individual must be a registered active user of agency services…

We assist patients with registration, eligibility for Purchased Referred Care (formerly CHS), as well as patients needing assistance in establishing resources…

Our mission is to elevate the health status of the Native American people in our service area and all people in our communities to the highest level possible through a comprehensive system of preventive and therapeutic services.

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Call 530-534-5394 for appointments


Glenda Nelson, Board Chair

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