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PRC (formerly known as CHS) is complicated payment systems provided by the Indian Health Service helps to cover the costs for Native Americans and helps provide them with access to specialty services not offered under the roof of a Native American healthcare facility.

Patients must meet the eligibility guidelines. There are restrictions on coverage of services including a review process to determine eligibility and a review committee to ensure services requested meet the requirements of the program.

Patients are still eligible for a referral made by a provider if deemed not a covered service or ineligible, but the patient would be responsible for payment.


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Who is Eligible for Services?

Feather River Tribal Health is open to all Native Americans and the public. All patients are required to complete an application which is reviewed prior to scheduling a new appointment.

No one should be denied access to services due to the inability to pay. Feather River Tribal Health (FRTH) offers a Sliding Fee Discount Program that is based on family size and income. Please see the Billing Department for additional information.


You can download registration packet by clicking button below or they are available at the main reception desk at each facility.

American Indians / Alaska Natives

To register as an American Indian/Alaska Native eligible for direct services, you will need to provide official documentation of your Native heritage.

  • A Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) card, a CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs or a Tribal card or certification from a Federally Recognized Tribe attesting that the applicant is an Indian from a Federally Recognized Tribe or Descendant of a verified Native American with supporting documentation.
  • Roll numbers are not acceptable by themselves, as the numbers must be listed on an official document and will be verified.
  • Certified birth, marriage, divorce, and/or death certificates are required to show linkage for descendancy.
  • Picture identification
  • Proof of any health insurances, including but not limited to Medi-Cal or Medicare card, California Health & Wellness, Anthem Blue Cross cards, Prescription cards, Dental insurance cards.
  • Other consents and authorizations may be required.
  • FRTH is not an HMO provider, except as it applies to PRC (formerly CHS)


Non-Natives are required to provide:

  • Picture Identification
  • Proof of any health insurances, including but not limited to Medi-Cal or Medicare card, California Health & Wellness, Anthem Blue Cross cards, Prescription cards, Dental insurance cards.
  • Other consents and authorizations may be required.
  • FRTH is not an HMO provider.


How To Make An Appointment

All new patients must register prior to being seen for an appointment. If you are already registered, call for an appointment at the clinic location you choose. If you have not been seen by an FRTH provider within the past three (3) years, you will be required to re-register. Some patients register for limited access to FRTH services. Notation of such restrictions is documented in the patient's registration record.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

You will need to bring any and all insurance cards you have – Medicare, Medi-Cal, California Health & Wellness card, Anthem Blue Cross card, private medical, prescription, and dental insurance, or medical, dental, and prescription insurance coverage from your employer and present them at time of visit. ALL patients must check-in at the department where they have an appointment.

At the time of your appointment, please bring a list of medications you are taking, or bring the medications with you. The receptionist making your appointment will inform you of any records or information you need to bring for your appointment. When bringing children in for immunizations, always bring their immunization record with you.

Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at every appointment (paperwork for guardians must be on file). Remember, ALL insurance cards must be presented at EVERY appointment. A parent or legal guardian is required to accompany children under 18 throughout the appointment.

Arrival For Appointments

All patients must check in at the front desk of the department where they have an appointment to verify/update patient information (address, contact numbers, and insurance).

For your first visit, please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to prepare your record and collect other required information from you. For subsequent visits, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Scheduled appointments will not be made in any department until the registration process is complete.

Late Arrivals And Missed Appointments

It is the patient’s responsibility to keep track of their appointments. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call 24 hours in advance. Late arrivals may need to be rescheduled. Some departments have missed appointment policies that can restrict further appointment scheduling.

Walk-In Appointments

Feather River Tribal Health is NOT a walk-in facility. Patients without a scheduled appointment may need to be scheduled at a later time depending on the urgency of their condition and/or the availability of health care providers. Patients needing immediate urgent care may be referred to a local emergency room.

Pharmacy - PRC: Oroville & Yuba City

The Pharmacy is for Verified Native Patients (which includes PRC). Initial prescriptions can normally be filled same day. If a medication is not available the patient may be directed to an outside pharmacy for filling of the prescription.

Medications filled through the FRTH pharmacy are available for PRC patients to pick up at the Oroville facility only. Delivery of medications for PRC patients to the Yuba City facility is a courtesy. Patients should not rely on delivery of medications on a routine basis or at a set time.

FRTH adopted use of a drug formulary for PRC patients in 2004. PRC will only cover non-generic medications under special circumstances. Patients requesting non-generic medications should discuss the issue with their provider.

Medication Refills - All Patients

In order to obtain medication refills in a timely manner, we ask that you:

  1. Call your pharmacy for any refill request.
  2. Call 2-3 business days before you run out.
  3. Call 2-3 business days before you run out.

Patient Handbook

Our Patient Handbook is available at the main reception of each location. Please use the following link to download our Patient Handbook.

Our mission is to elevate the health status of the Native American people in our service area and all people in our communities to the highest level possible through a comprehensive system of preventive and therapeutic services.

Contact Us

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Call 530-534-5394 for appointments


Glenda Nelson, Board Chair

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If you have any questions regarding these registration packets,

please call us (530) 534-5394 and ask for Patient Services.